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How to Tattoo Your Forehead- The Gathering Nashville


My dad, David Foster, is hosting my post today via his past blog page ( Even though he has been in heaven for over 2 years now his words are louder than ever. This is a blog about concluding the serious “Moo Out Loud.” I challenge you to read it and think about your brand. Moooo!

“Yesterday we concluded the series “Moo Out Loud: How to Stand up and be Heard Above the Herd.” We talked about the five practices of those who understand how important it is to develop their own brand.

With the changes in the way we do life, knowing who you are, why you’re here, and what you want is more important than ever before. Because if you don’t, someone else will define it for you and live your life for you. Having a life of your very own is something for which you’re going to have to fight. So just floating through life and hoping someone will give you a job that will guarantee the good life is no longer an option. I think we all know that by now.

So today we finished by highlighting practice number 5, flying your own flag. This simply means that you are the person responsible for your reputation for how people see you. The truth of the matter is, that we’ve gotten so used to fixating on our flaws that we’ve forgotten to focus on our strengths and abilities God has given us, and on why we’re here.

So yesterday, we talked about why people still believe the lie that they’re not creative. There are four reasons. Go through each one and ask yourself if you’ve ever believed these. We talked about what flying your flag means, what it communicates. And then lastly we asked the four flag questions. Look at your own reputation, how you carry yourself, how you live, how you occupy your space, and if the questions of force, love, agreement, and good are all clearly answered in the way you do life.”


One Has to Have a Theme Song…right?!


In life, if you really think about it, we have different theme songs. That song that you hear on the radio and you have to pump it up because it just speaks to the core of your being. Well, as life changes our theme songs seem to change right along with it.

I wanted to share my current theme song, Brave by Sara Bareilles. The opening line says, “You can be amazing.” Hell yes! There is such power in those four words. Life or the day to day sometimes causes us to forget that fact. You can be amazing, you are amazing, God made you to be amazing! He did not make us to simply exist. He made us to make a difference in this passing world. That’s not comfortable. It’s following the desires of your heart and taking a leap to be uncomfortable. Let’s be uncomfortable together!

What’s your theme song?

Go get em ya’ll!!

We Can Learn SO Much From Kids…If You Pay Attention


Why is it so hard to be nice to the person in the mirror? We spend most of our days giving to other; wether it be giving of time, compliments, money, or emotions. We’re giving! Don’t get me wrong, that’s great! That’s what we should be doing, right?! But, what I’m trying to get at is what are you giving to YOU?!

I love the absolute innocence of children (that’s why I’m a teacher). This little lady makes it seem so simple. Look at yourself in the mirror, list the things that you’re thankful for in life, including things about you! We have so much to be thankful for, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the rhythm of things around us. Don’t let them steal your innocence(joy).

So, my challeng to you. STOP! Look in the mirror and list things you are thankful for, including things about you…maybe even about your body?! Don’t go too crazy!

Go get ’em folks!!

What does EverydayAboveDirt even mean?


Now, that I’ve taken the first step, and I’m so appreciative of everyone’s encouragment, it’s time to explain myself. Where I got my title from, what’s my purpose of blogging, and why I think it matters. Well, for this one I decided to attach a video compelation of my dad, who is now in heaven for almost two years. I’m not attaching it to pull on heart strings but instead because it so beautifully and powerfully encompasses why we are here and why it is so important to make the most of EverydayAboveDirt, therefore, why I’m blogging!

We don’t know what the futurte hold, but thank the Lord, we do know who hold our future. Our mission while we are here for however long is to make our world a better place…we can change the world!

So, my challenge to you today. Take about eight minutes to watch this video. It will change the course of your day and maybe even your life. Yes, I believe it’s that powerful!

Go get em!!