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I Can Do It?


I Can Do It?

Don’t give up, I can do it, it’s going to get easier. These are the things I keep telling myself in my new adventure. In effort to try and “keep things real,” I’m going to vent for a second. How annoying is it when you start a task that you think is going to be simple and it turns out not to be so simple?! It makes me want to scream or at least kick something. It’s nothing earth shattering but still prevalent in my world

The topic at hand today is ironically blogging. What I’m attempting to do right now. So, this might be confusing at first, but let me explain. I’m able to simply set up a blogging account, but I want to take it further. When you want to become better at something you follow people or become friends with those that have mastered that craft, right? Yes! So, I follow many lovely ladies on Well, their pages look so flipping cool or a better word would be quality! That’s what I want. So, I’ve been researching and trying new things. Let me just say, it’s slow coming, but it is coming.

But, what’s the saying? “All the good things in life come to those who wait.” Well, it’s more like you have to work hard for it but there is definitely waiting involved.
So, what is it your “thing” that you thought was going to be easy but it turned out not so simple?

Until next time I’ll keep repeating the wise workds from Thomas The Train Engine, “I think I can, I think I can,I think I can…


Why Must We Sacrifice Our Own?


Why Must We Sacrifice Our Own?

It has been said many a time before that being a woman is hard…true statement! Don’t get all huffy men. I’m not taking away the fact that being a man has its own challenges. But, for today and my purpose we are focusing on the challenges of being a woman. Also, I know more about this topic. I’ll let a man cover the woes of his kind.
Oh, the challenges of being a woman. Our issues range from fighting to be a leader, finding our identity, and the biggest one of all body image. I could go on for days about where this issue stems and how much it hurts us deeply. I know personally it is a daily battle on many levels and I have a sneaky suspicion I’m not alone. So, why do we sacrifice our own when we’re all in the same boat?
Let me tell you what brought me to this thought. I went to the movies the other day. I’ll leave the title nameless to protect the innocent. Well, after the movie was over I was about to wet my pants, so I ran to the bathroom. While visiting the ladies room I overheard a painful conversation. (There are lots of things to overhear in the ladies room). Lady one said to lady two, “she is looking pretty god. She used to be kind of pudgy.” Female two rebuttals, “well, she is still kind of pudgy if you ask me. She could lose some more weight.” I have to confess I took an extra-long time at washing my hands to see these flawless women walk out of the bathroom. They would have to be flawless right? These women had to be pretty perfect to have such strong opinions about a talented, funny woman that they just saw on screen. Well, the answer is no. They walked out and they were just normal women who I am quite certain have their own body image issues.
So, hence my question…why must we sacrifice our own?! Ladies, we are in the together. We have been given the bodies we have…we get one! Let’s choose to love it and treat it the way God intended. Believe me; I’m speaking to myself here most of all. I think if we learned to love (at least a little bit) the person we see reflecting back at us in the mirror we would be less likely to sacrifice our own because we are not sacrificing ourselves.
Let’s be good to each other. Go get em!

Pinky Promise


Pinky Promise

So, if I’m going to keep blogging (and I am) you’re going to need to know a few things about me. Today I will reveal that I am a First Grade teacher, woop, woop! A job that never gets boring. With being a teacher comes lots of interesting stories and life lessons (for me and the kids). One recent one really hit home to me regardless if it home to the student or not. It had to do with telling the truth and keeping your promises. So, here we go story time…

While arranging all my math stations I looked to one counter only to realize I was missing one of my pink owl stickers. I didn’t think too much about it until I recalled a previous conversation I had with one of my students, Vonda( I changed the name to protect the innocent). Vonda had told me the day before how she really wished she had more stickers. You may be thinking ,seriously, it’s a sticker. But in First grade world this is like gold. Then I went on to see the same sticker I was missing was on Vonda’s toolbox…dun, dun, dun! After making this connection I decided to confront Vonda. I simply said, “my stickers missing do you know where it is?” You could see the wheels start spinning. First, she tried to out another student. That was a no go. Next, she proclaimed, “I found it on the ground.” Seriously Vonda?! Get a little more creative. This is when it was time to get real. I was going to pull out the big guns…the pinky promise. I said, “Vonda, I need you to pinky promise me you did not take my sticker.” She was about to rebuke it once again ,but before she could I told her to take a minute. Then I explained once you break a promise to me it is going to be hard for me to ever trust you again. Trust is a very special thing and once it’s broken it’s hard to rebuild.

Let’s just be real here folks, I knew she took it. I could care less about the sticker ,but it bothered me to the core that a student was willing to lie to me to save face. We ended up talking for what felt like two days but this is a lesson I’m willing to take more time on because to me it’s one of the most important. If you don’t have the truth or trust you don’t have much. We also spoke of promises and how once you break a promise it’s hard to make it right. After much time and tears Vonda finally said, “YES, I took the sticker.”

At that moment I was so proud of her. She could have stuck with her story but she chose to tell the truth. I told her to keep the sticker as a reminder of how important promises and the truth are. I felt so accomplished until the next day.

I entered my class to once again realize that the same sticker was missing and the same sticker was on Vonda’s toolbox. She took it…again! Even though the whole discussion we had the day before seemed to go by the wayside, I still love Vonda the same as anyone of my students. We talked ,again.

It made me realize once again that life all about second chances. Thank God for grace and His promises that He will not break.

Until next time…keep suiting up, showing up, and doing the next right thing.

“You Look Like Your Dad”


“You look like your dad” is a comment I’ve heard countless times since I was a little girl. I remember being mortified that people thought I looked like a boy! I proclaimed to my mom that I could never wear my hair back in a ponytail again because people thought I didn’t have hair. That must be why I look like my dad, right?!

I hoped I would outgrow it and one day I would magically look like my beautiful mother, that was not the case. As I grew into a young lady I continued to have people comment on how much I favored my dad. It used to bother me. Not because my dad wasn’t handsome (because boy howdy, he was) but simply because I wanted to look like a girl…a woman.

My two sisters would get comments on how they looked just like my mom. Of course that is what I wanted to hear. My mom is gorgeous! I never appreciated looking like my dad until two years ago when my dad went to heaven. Now, every time I look in the mirror or see a picture, I feel differently.

I feel thankful. It’s funny how life events can change our perspective on things. I am now so grateful for the fact that I do indeed look like my dad! When I see the reflection in the mirror I get to see glimpses of him in my face.

I long for the day I get to see him face to face.


Be you, it’s what you do best!


Be you, it's what you do best!

I think it’s amazing that most of the time people change who they are or what they believe in because of another person’s opinions. Don’t get me wrong, I fall into this way to often. It is best known as “people pleasing.” Why do we want to please others so badly only to sacrifice what we want or what our hearts want? God created us each differntly with our individuall DNA, unique dreams and talents. Lets not be afraid to be true to them. The time to live your one and only life is now! We are not promised tomorrow, but we do have now. Don’t be afraid to stand out, dream big and MOO out loud! Lets go get em!!