Don’t Stop, Get It, Get It!



Isn’t that the truth?! When we measure our success by those around us, who have most likely been doing it (whatever your it is) longer it is so easy to get discouraged and quit. My dad always said, “the thief of joy is comparison.” As time has passed I have found that he was painfully correct! It is easy to want what other have right now when in reality we haven’t seen all the background work that goes into their “it”.

This thought has become more real to me as of late because I’m taking a leap of faith and starting a new business adventure. The only reason I knew it was a leap worth taking is because it’s a company I believe in and that has worked for me, it’s called ItWorks! and it legit does. I have LOVED my first couple weeks with the company. I’ve already met some amazing men and woman and I’m so excited to see what God has planned for me in the company.

But, it’s like anything in life when you get your thoughts out of whack. I have found myself looking around me and thinking WOW! how on earth am I ever going to be where she is or is my business going to be successful? That’s when I have to slow it down and remember what my mom always said (I have really smart parents), “inch by inch life’s a synch, yard by yard it’s very hard.” It’s simple but true! Then I realize I need to take a breath and know that I AM GOING TO BE A SUCCESS. It just takes time to get there. And heck, I’m a SUCCESS just for trying.

So, whatever your “it” is don’t quit because you haven’t become a success yet. Just know that you are a success for trying!

Go get em ladies and gents!!


About everydayabovedirt

I am a renegade not willing to settle for exceptions! That doesn't mean I don't have challenges or hurdles to overcome(believe me I do). It just means I'm a fighter. I'm not going to settle for second best. I was given one life and I am living it out loud. I want to change the world and leave a legacy. I believe we all change the world in our own way if we aren't afraid to make a little noise. I also know that we need each other. We are on this adventure together, so let's get this party started folks!

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