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Why Must We Sacrifice Our Own?


Why Must We Sacrifice Our Own?

It has been said many a time before that being a woman is hard…true statement! Don’t get all huffy men. I’m not taking away the fact that being a man has its own challenges. But, for today and my purpose we are focusing on the challenges of being a woman. Also, I know more about this topic. I’ll let a man cover the woes of his kind.
Oh, the challenges of being a woman. Our issues range from fighting to be a leader, finding our identity, and the biggest one of all body image. I could go on for days about where this issue stems and how much it hurts us deeply. I know personally it is a daily battle on many levels and I have a sneaky suspicion I’m not alone. So, why do we sacrifice our own when we’re all in the same boat?
Let me tell you what brought me to this thought. I went to the movies the other day. I’ll leave the title nameless to protect the innocent. Well, after the movie was over I was about to wet my pants, so I ran to the bathroom. While visiting the ladies room I overheard a painful conversation. (There are lots of things to overhear in the ladies room). Lady one said to lady two, “she is looking pretty god. She used to be kind of pudgy.” Female two rebuttals, “well, she is still kind of pudgy if you ask me. She could lose some more weight.” I have to confess I took an extra-long time at washing my hands to see these flawless women walk out of the bathroom. They would have to be flawless right? These women had to be pretty perfect to have such strong opinions about a talented, funny woman that they just saw on screen. Well, the answer is no. They walked out and they were just normal women who I am quite certain have their own body image issues.
So, hence my question…why must we sacrifice our own?! Ladies, we are in the together. We have been given the bodies we have…we get one! Let’s choose to love it and treat it the way God intended. Believe me; I’m speaking to myself here most of all. I think if we learned to love (at least a little bit) the person we see reflecting back at us in the mirror we would be less likely to sacrifice our own because we are not sacrificing ourselves.
Let’s be good to each other. Go get em!