It Was Positive


As I write this I’m totally overwhelmed with emotion! I feel so thankful, so blessed, so excited and so shocked. Aaron and I are having a baby!!! The test (or more like the 5 tests) said YES! God has orchestrated this exact moment and chose us to be the parents to the child that is currently growing inside of me. So, to say I’m overwhelmed with emotion is actually a brief understatement. But, let me back up and tell you how we found out.

Last Monday, August 10th, I came home from school very exhausted since is was my first full day with my new class. It was a rough day just because we are all learning how to be back in the routine of things. Plus I just felt a little weird all day long. So, I got home and let our sweet little puppy, Hunley, out and played with her for a bit. Then decided that I would take a pregnancy test I had at the house. It was still 6 days before my missed period and I was certain it would be negative (since that’s what happened every time), but I still wanted to try and see what happened. Well, within seconds of taking the test there was a PLUS SIGN!! I can’t tell you how many times I thought about how I would react to the moment. I always visualized myself freaking out, crying and being hysterical, I’m an emotional person. Reality was quite the opposite. I just stared at it. Seriously?! Was I reading the test right. I read instructions that I had read dozens of times before. I took a picture and posted it on a pregnancy app that I had been using to see if anyone could confirm that I was actually pregnant. Soon “congratulations” were flooding in from women that I didn’t know confirming that I WAS PREGNANT!!! The disbelief in my mind continued. My next thoughts went to “should I tell Aaron?” What if the test was wrong? I don’t want to get us both excited and then have a big let down.  Then I decided that we tell each other everything and I just had to tell him. Again, what I had always visualized was telling him by giving him a UTK onesie, but there was no time. I needed to improvise. So, instead I found one on the ipad to show him.

Aaron got home and I was still in shock. He told me all about his day and I don’t remember a dang word he said. I was so focused on trying to not to look as befuddled as I felt. I waited until he went into the bedroom and I followed him in to tell him I wanted to order him something online, but I wanted to show him first to make sure he’d like it. I videoed the whole thing and his reaction made everything REALLY, REAL!!  That is when I started crying for the first time. It was setting in. We just stood there, held each other, and we were both absolutely beaming with the gift that God had just given us. And….

soon after we left to go get more pregnancy tests to double check…all of them were positive!! The LaSuers are having a baby. I cannot tell you how much Aaron and I have talked about this moment. We never wanted to have kids just because that’s what you do. We chose to have a family because it is a calling. We have prayed about it relentlessly and God answered us. I could not be more thankful. I’m still in absolute thanks that God chose us.

In the following days Aaron and I have looked at each other and just said, “we are having a baby!!” It is so crazy exciting!

I’m am now 5 weeks along and we have our first doctors appointment August 31st and I can’t wait to hear our baby’s little heart beat!

More to come…

LaSuer'shaving a baby


There’s a Remote for That



Michael Hyatt reminded me of a life lesson by taking a gander at remotes or clickers(depending on your lingo). Which one would you pick? If you’re like me then all fingers(and thumbs) point to the Apple Remote. Simple is better. I never know what to do with all the extra buttons. But, this got me thinking about a few things…

I’m an Over-complicated Remote
More often than I’d like to admit I make things way too complicated. Instead of setting a goal then going on to meet said goal I add a whole slew of different buttons (obstacles) and jack up my process.

I Want to Be the Apple Remote
The KISS (keep it simple silly(keeping it PG)) method has always appealed to me but I have rarely applied it. I want to apply it! There is so much to life that would more enjoyable for everyone if I just kept it simple!

Turning the Channel
See what I did there? So, moving forward I plan to keep it simple. I will press play, stop or reset. None of this other nonsense interfering like mute, input, or last. Fears will not bog me down!

Currently blogging is my complicated remote. I find so many different excuses and fears to complicate the process. I need to channel my inner Apple and just keep it simple.

What is the complicated remote in your life?

Don’t Stop, Get It, Get It!



Isn’t that the truth?! When we measure our success by those around us, who have most likely been doing it (whatever your it is) longer it is so easy to get discouraged and quit. My dad always said, “the thief of joy is comparison.” As time has passed I have found that he was painfully correct! It is easy to want what other have right now when in reality we haven’t seen all the background work that goes into their “it”.

This thought has become more real to me as of late because I’m taking a leap of faith and starting a new business adventure. The only reason I knew it was a leap worth taking is because it’s a company I believe in and that has worked for me, it’s called ItWorks! and it legit does. I have LOVED my first couple weeks with the company. I’ve already met some amazing men and woman and I’m so excited to see what God has planned for me in the company.

But, it’s like anything in life when you get your thoughts out of whack. I have found myself looking around me and thinking WOW! how on earth am I ever going to be where she is or is my business going to be successful? That’s when I have to slow it down and remember what my mom always said (I have really smart parents), “inch by inch life’s a synch, yard by yard it’s very hard.” It’s simple but true! Then I realize I need to take a breath and know that I AM GOING TO BE A SUCCESS. It just takes time to get there. And heck, I’m a SUCCESS just for trying.

So, whatever your “it” is don’t quit because you haven’t become a success yet. Just know that you are a success for trying!

Go get em ladies and gents!!



tomorrow pic

I’ll do it tomorrow is what we..I tell myself all too often. Why is it so hard to just get stuff done now? There are always those daunting tasks that are in the back of your head. The ones that make you nervous or full blown nauseous when you think about them. With the new school year quickly approaching I have several of those rolling around in the back of my head. Instead of just getting it done, I allow it to fester.
So, I’ve decided to set a goal for myself. No more tomorrow…today! Time is a non-renewable resource. I’m going to live in the now and not look back. After all the things we usually worry about or put off aren’t nearly as bad once we take the reins and kick it in the rear.
Let’s go get em!

How to Tattoo Your Forehead- The Gathering Nashville


My dad, David Foster, is hosting my post today via his past blog page ( Even though he has been in heaven for over 2 years now his words are louder than ever. This is a blog about concluding the serious “Moo Out Loud.” I challenge you to read it and think about your brand. Moooo!

“Yesterday we concluded the series “Moo Out Loud: How to Stand up and be Heard Above the Herd.” We talked about the five practices of those who understand how important it is to develop their own brand.

With the changes in the way we do life, knowing who you are, why you’re here, and what you want is more important than ever before. Because if you don’t, someone else will define it for you and live your life for you. Having a life of your very own is something for which you’re going to have to fight. So just floating through life and hoping someone will give you a job that will guarantee the good life is no longer an option. I think we all know that by now.

So today we finished by highlighting practice number 5, flying your own flag. This simply means that you are the person responsible for your reputation for how people see you. The truth of the matter is, that we’ve gotten so used to fixating on our flaws that we’ve forgotten to focus on our strengths and abilities God has given us, and on why we’re here.

So yesterday, we talked about why people still believe the lie that they’re not creative. There are four reasons. Go through each one and ask yourself if you’ve ever believed these. We talked about what flying your flag means, what it communicates. And then lastly we asked the four flag questions. Look at your own reputation, how you carry yourself, how you live, how you occupy your space, and if the questions of force, love, agreement, and good are all clearly answered in the way you do life.”

I Can Do It?


I Can Do It?

Don’t give up, I can do it, it’s going to get easier. These are the things I keep telling myself in my new adventure. In effort to try and “keep things real,” I’m going to vent for a second. How annoying is it when you start a task that you think is going to be simple and it turns out not to be so simple?! It makes me want to scream or at least kick something. It’s nothing earth shattering but still prevalent in my world

The topic at hand today is ironically blogging. What I’m attempting to do right now. So, this might be confusing at first, but let me explain. I’m able to simply set up a blogging account, but I want to take it further. When you want to become better at something you follow people or become friends with those that have mastered that craft, right? Yes! So, I follow many lovely ladies on Well, their pages look so flipping cool or a better word would be quality! That’s what I want. So, I’ve been researching and trying new things. Let me just say, it’s slow coming, but it is coming.

But, what’s the saying? “All the good things in life come to those who wait.” Well, it’s more like you have to work hard for it but there is definitely waiting involved.
So, what is it your “thing” that you thought was going to be easy but it turned out not so simple?

Until next time I’ll keep repeating the wise workds from Thomas The Train Engine, “I think I can, I think I can,I think I can…

Why Must We Sacrifice Our Own?


Why Must We Sacrifice Our Own?

It has been said many a time before that being a woman is hard…true statement! Don’t get all huffy men. I’m not taking away the fact that being a man has its own challenges. But, for today and my purpose we are focusing on the challenges of being a woman. Also, I know more about this topic. I’ll let a man cover the woes of his kind.
Oh, the challenges of being a woman. Our issues range from fighting to be a leader, finding our identity, and the biggest one of all body image. I could go on for days about where this issue stems and how much it hurts us deeply. I know personally it is a daily battle on many levels and I have a sneaky suspicion I’m not alone. So, why do we sacrifice our own when we’re all in the same boat?
Let me tell you what brought me to this thought. I went to the movies the other day. I’ll leave the title nameless to protect the innocent. Well, after the movie was over I was about to wet my pants, so I ran to the bathroom. While visiting the ladies room I overheard a painful conversation. (There are lots of things to overhear in the ladies room). Lady one said to lady two, “she is looking pretty god. She used to be kind of pudgy.” Female two rebuttals, “well, she is still kind of pudgy if you ask me. She could lose some more weight.” I have to confess I took an extra-long time at washing my hands to see these flawless women walk out of the bathroom. They would have to be flawless right? These women had to be pretty perfect to have such strong opinions about a talented, funny woman that they just saw on screen. Well, the answer is no. They walked out and they were just normal women who I am quite certain have their own body image issues.
So, hence my question…why must we sacrifice our own?! Ladies, we are in the together. We have been given the bodies we have…we get one! Let’s choose to love it and treat it the way God intended. Believe me; I’m speaking to myself here most of all. I think if we learned to love (at least a little bit) the person we see reflecting back at us in the mirror we would be less likely to sacrifice our own because we are not sacrificing ourselves.
Let’s be good to each other. Go get em!